November 23, 2011

Bunch of Kid-Friendly Comics At Thwipster [DaddyDeals]

Super Dinosaur

The great wallet-emptier Thwipster has a bunch of kid-friendly comics on sale right now. Super Dinosaur, and many volumes of Tiny Titans. Here are the DaddyDeals.

Super Dinosaur Volume 01, $5.49 (regular price $9.99, 45% off): I like Super Dinosaur. My kids like Super Dinosaur. Ergo, you and your kids will like Super Dinosaur.

Thwipster has the following Tiny Titans books for $6.99 each (regular price $12.99, 46% off).

Tiny Titans Volume 02: Adventures in Awesomeness

Tiny Titans Volume 03: Sidekickin’ It

Tiny Titans Volume 04: The First Rule of Pet Club

Tiny Titans Volume 05: Field Trippin’

Thwipster deals are offered for a limited time, or until they run out of product. So if you want to take advantage of these deals — and you do — go get them. Now. Now! NOW!

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