November 28, 2011

Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited Cyber Monday Code

For the most part I have avoided the siren songs of Black Friday, Puce Saturday, Silver Sunday and Cyber Monday shopping. (Two of those I made up. Guess which!) But a Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited Cyber Monday code showed up in my Inbox, that was a DaddyDeal I couldn’t resist. (See? If I call it a DaddyDeal, I’m still not participating in Cyber Monday. Ha! That’ll show ’em.)

I’ve been wanting to get a Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited subscription for a long time; I even pined for an Android Tablet with Flash so I could get the subscription and read the comics on something other than a laptop. (The iPad, wonderful device though it is, does not do Flash, which is what Marvel Digital Comics uses. Now ya know.) Dork that I am, I have tried more than once to peruse Marvel’s online comics library via various Android devices — the Nook, my Droid 1, whatever random Android tablet Best Buy has lying around when I wander into the store. It never seems to work the way I want it to, which is to say that it usually doesn’t work at all. I am hopeful that a more powerful device such as the Droid 4 (likely my next cellphone) will be able to handle Marvel’s Flash-based reader.

But I digress. Back to the matter at hand — the deal.

Face front, True Believers! From now until 11/28/11 11:59pm EST, you — yes, YOU, even if your name is Irving Forbush — can get an annual subscription to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited for 30% off the regular price. How, you ask? Simply enter the code CYBER11 at It’s so simple even fans of our Distinguished Competition can do it! (And they do! We know who you are!)

How was that for a quick Stan Lee imitation? (If you want the real thing, check out Stan The Man’s Twitter account, which includes goofy gems like this one.) Anyway, bottom line — if you want a good deal on some unlimited online-only Marvel Comics reading, get this deal today.

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