December 15, 2011

SAHD WAHD Explained


DaddyTips - SAHD WAHD Explained

What is a SAHD WAHD?

What is a SAHD WAHD? Let me explain.Although I am somewhat acronymonious (a word I made up that combines acronym and acrimonious meaning “anti-acronym”), there are times when I embrace acronyms because they are descriptive, or simply because I find them amusing. SAHD WAHD fits both criteria.

SAHD is an acronym for Stay At Home Dad. I don’t like this term, largely because I do leave the house every now and then. I prefer ‘primary caregiver.’

WAHD is an acronym for Work At Home Dad. This one I like because I pronounce it ‘wad’, as in ‘a wad of gum’ or ‘butt wad.’ It does at least include the word ‘work’. I still like ‘primary caregiver’ better.

Which brings us to SAHD WAHD. Why do I like this one? Because it amuses me. SAHD is pronounced ‘sad’, WAHD is pronounced ‘wad.’ Combined they make a ‘sad wad’. Which is… I don’t know. An unhappy used tissue?

I believe in amusing myself whenever possible; I even advise my children to do the same. (Note: kids, I do not mean that you should amuse yourselves in school, or any other time when such behavior would be inappropriate. You’re smart kids, you’ll figure it out.)

Thus do I declare myself to be a SAHD WAHD.

Or primary caregiver. Whatever works.