January 3, 2012

Getting Kids Out The Door When Its Really Cold

The Snowy Day 50th Anniversary

Parents know that getting kids out the door when it’s really cold outside is tricky. Now that winter is truly upon us, here are some tips to help you out.

Anyone from the East Coast? Man, is it freezing out today. How cold is it? It’s so cold, I actually found myself thinking, “why don’t we live in Florida?” The answer is hurricanes, heat, and because it’s Florida. But still. When it’s this cold outside, it’s a fair question to ask.

Tip number one: Remember The Cold

Also fair is the fact that your kids don’t want to go outside. You know why? Because it’s cold! That may seem obvious, but it’s easy to forget. You don’t want to go outside. Why should your kids? Remember that when your son or daughter digs in his or her heels and declares that today is Stay Inside Day.

Tip number two: Bundle Up

Another tip for getting your kids out the door when it’s cold is to bundle them up. The less they feel the blast of cold air hitting their skin, the less likely they are to complain as you trek through the frozen tundra. The same goes for you. You know it’s cold. Really cold. Put on a scarf. Stop whining. Stop. Hey! Use your words. Use your words…

Tip number three: Seriously. Bundle them up. Scarf, hat, gloves. The works

Even if they don’t want to wear a scarf, make them wear one anyway. Dads, just do it. Why? You’ll be less likely to hear complaints from your wife, for one thing. “If he’d been wearing a scarf he wouldn’t have caught a cold.” Well, of course he would have caught a cold. He goes to school every day. That place is a petri dish of putrid disease. OK, putrid disease in adorable kid packages. But they all have colds. Even if you sent Johnny to school wearing plate mail and a plastic bubble he would still get a cold or four before it’s warm weather time again. That said, if they wear the scarf, and the hat, and the gloves/mittens, you can honestly answer, “But he did wear a scarf! Every day!” Ha! Take that! There’s also less chance you will feel guilty when you encounter a child whose parent has dressed their darling daughter for a trip to Alaska, even though they are going to second grade in Secaucus.

Tip number four: grin and bear it

Remember tip number one? You don’t like the cold any more than they do. (Unless you are a polar bear; if so, congratulations on learning to read. Call me so we can set up your TV appearances.) Bundle up yourself — yes, scarf too — and get out there. Smile. Make a joke. Shiver convincingly. That won’t too difficult because you will be unhappily freezing. But keep that unhappiness to yourself. In other words, never let them see your sweat freeze.

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