January 13, 2012

Apps For Paranoid Parents (Stuff Dad Wrote)

iPad 2

This is an iPad 2. You put apps on it. I mean, duh.

We have established that I am a SAHD WAHD. The W stands for Working, and I work as a writer. Hence Stuff Dad Wrote.

So here is something I wrote for Parents.com — 10 Best Apps For Paranoid Parents.

What is it? A slideshow of apps that let parents track their kids. Interestingly, I found myself thinking “that sounds useful” more often than I expected to. I’m not personally a fan of tracking kids via GPS, but I put it in a similar category as child leashes — I wouldn’t do it, but I understand the desire. Some of the apps are free, which is always nice.

This is my first piece for Parents.com. That means you need to click this link and go to the article, and also share it via Facebook, Twitter, and all those other sites the kids are into these days.

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10 Best Apps For Paranoid Parents (Parents.com)