February 7, 2012

How To Make A Star Wars Book Even Nerdier (Geek Gold Card)

Star Wars, the Book of Sith

Star Wars, the Book of Sith! Geek Gold Card time!

I think we can all agree that Star Wars is a bit nerdy. Want to know how to make a Star Wars book even nerdier?

Put it in a box that opens to the accompaniment of “lights and Star Wars sound effects.” It is… the Book of Sith.

Description via Amazon:

The black-and-red pyramid-shaped Sith case appears innocuous. But with the touch of a button, the door of the case lifts, accompanied by lights and Star Wars sound effects. The secrets within are revealed—the Book of Sith slides into view.

Geek Gold Card time, people. Or perhaps I should say Padawans. Or apprentices. (I don’t know what wannabe Sith Lords are called. I think it’s apprentice. Anyone wanna help me out here?)

If you find yourself needing the Book of Sith, it is available at Amazon for $59.99, discounted from the regular price of $99.99. Which is still a lot of credits… um, money. Shipping date is February 10, 2012. May the Force be with you. Or against you, if you are a Sith Lord, or just want to sound like one.

Amazon.com: Book of Sith: Secrets from the Dark Side by Daniel Wallace

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