March 7, 2012

Where Has Dad Been? Busy Parenting

Hop on Pop book

Poor Pop. Lots of hopping on him.

You know what takes up a lot of time? Children.

That’s why you haven’t seen many posts on DaddyTips lately. I’ve been parenting. In other words, Daddy has been busy being a dad.

I’ve been doing other things as well, including some freelance writing gigs, random musings about all sorts of stuff on Twitter and Tumblr, as well as playing guitar and posting the results online.

What happens is that I have limited time during the day. Once everyone is off to school, that’s when I need to do whatever it is I need to do. I make lists. Lots of lists. (Seriously, the list-making is getting embarrassing.) No matter how many methods of task-tracking I’ve tried, I always wind up back to making lists on paper. I considered a Boogie Board, but realized that wouldn’t really work for my needs. A small tablet device like Amazon’s Kindle Fire would, but enough gadgets.

Also enough tangents. The point of this post was to point out where the heck I’ve been and why there haven’t been more blog posts. The reason is that parenting takes time. So there.

I’ll be back with more, though. I promise. Unless something unexpected pops up. Like… now. Be right back!

Get yourself a copy of Hop on Pop at, which is where the image comes from.

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