April 9, 2012

Steve Austin and Bigfoot—Unfairly Expensive Toys

The Six Million Dollar Man Season 3, featuring Bigfoot

Season 3 had Bigfoot.

OK. Here’s the deal. Apparently humans will soon have the opportunity to purchase action figures toys dolls action figures of Steve Austin and Bigfoot. But the price is unfairly expensive.

How much do these toys (yes, they’re toys, I don’t care, I want them) cost? If one were to advance order them from Midtown Comics, the price would be $163.19. That’s a discount. The full price is $203.99. Yes. Over two hundred dollars.

I want them anyway. But I will not buy them because you have to draw the line somewhere.

Right? You do? Have to draw the line? And this is where that line is drawn? Despite the fact that this is Steve Austin and Bigfoot? Right?!?


The Six Million Dollar Man Season 3 DVD Image via Amazon. Why Season 3? Because Season 3 had Bigfoot. That’s why.

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