April 16, 2012

DC Comics for Kids C2E2 Panel (Video)

Tiny Titans - Welcome To The Treehouse

Yes, Virginia, there are comic cons in places other than San Diego. (Maybe even in Virginia.) Here’s a video of the great Art Balthazar and Franco discussing their new DC Comics series Superman Family, which will replace Tiny Titans.

Now, it needs to be said that I am not happy about the fact that DC is canceling Tiny Titans. I will admit that I had been thinking that perhaps the guys had run out of ideas of what to do with the book. Still, its popular in our house and I’m bummed about its demise. Art and Franco are big-time talents, and I’m sure this new Superman Family will be fun. But I’ll miss the Tiny Titans.

C2E2 2012: DC Comics for Kids! (Video of Panel Discussion)

Image: Tiny Titans – Welcome To The Treehouse. Get it from Amazon.

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