April 24, 2012

No Date, No Prom For Pennsylvania Girl

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A Pennsylvania girl who wanted to attend her junior prom with friends was told “No Date, No Prom” by the school, according to published reports.

CBS News in Philly has the story; hat tip to CafeMom’s The Stir, specifically our pal Jeanne Sager. Read on for our trenchant take on this matter.

You ready? OK.

Are they serious? Haven’t we been over this enough times already? What possible rationale is there for forcing girls to attend an event with a date? Schools should avoid meddling in students’ social lives as much as possible, and this definitely qualifies as meddling. What if somebody simply doesn’t have a date? How can they be required to have one? Dating isn’t like a dress code where students can go buy a new pair of pants in order to comply. What exactly does the school want these kids to do, use an escort service?

It should be noted that in this case we are talking about a girl and that the rule is she must bring a boy. Her father is fighting for her right to party with her friends instead of some random dude. Go dad.

School Bans Girls Without Dates From Going to Prom | The Stir (via CBS News Philly)

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