May 8, 2012

G-Man Teaser In Image’s Free Comic Book Day

G-Man Cape Crisis

We’ve previously professed our undying gratitude to Chris Giarrusso for giving the world his great all ages comic book G-Man. So we were extremely pleased when we opened Image Comics’ Free Comic Book Day offering and read the first pages of an all-new G-Man story.

G-Man is that rarest of all comic book beasts — all ages comic that also appeals to adults. It’s very funny, easy to follow, and contains no content that parents should feel uncomfortable about letting their little ones read. The characters are, as far as I know,  Chris Giarrusso creations; that is, there’s no Spider-Man, Batman, or any other superheroes you and your kids know from the Big 2 (aka DC and Marvel). Many of the characters will feel familiar, not because anyone is a direct parody of a specific hero (again, as far as I know), but because some of them are kindasorta like characters you’ve seen before. The story has humor, heart, and the themes should be familiar to fans of the genre — cosmic stuff, magical bits of cloth (trust me, it’s great), even a wizard. While that’s certainly part of the fun, Giarrusso is not doing a deconstruction of the comic book or anything dopey like that. He’s telling a story in a fun and accessible way. It works.

Thing 1, my older son, is a huge Chris Giarrusso fan; we even got to meet him at the New York Comic Con. Guess what? Nice guy. No word on when the full-length G-Man will be ready for purchasing, but we’ll let you know if we find out.


Chris Giarrusso’s bio at

G-Man Cape Crisis #1 at

G-Man Volume 1: Learning To Fly at

G-Man Volume 2: Cape Crisis at

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