May 21, 2012

Fan-Made Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline

This fan-made Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline at FilmBuffOnline is version 2.0. Yes, there was a first version, but it wasn’t good enough, so it was made again. It tracks all the various stuff that has happened onscreen from the first Iron Man film to The Avengers. I love it. And there’s no way I would have done it.

I have said the following words many times and will doubtless say them many more — thank goodness for people with time on their hands. Without them, we would not have something as comprehensive as this timeline of all the Marvel movies.

I should point out that this is not an official timeline. It does appear to be extremely meticulous, going so far as to include specific dates whenever possible. By “possible” I mean that the author of the timeline looked at whatever sources were available — a quick glimpse of a newspaper, for example — in order to arrive at a reasonable assumption of precisely what day a particular event occurred. This is helpful if you… well, it’s helpful if you’re kind of nuts and feel a need to immerse yourself in the minutiae of Marvel movies. Fair warning — the timeline is very long; I love this stuff and only read about 1/4 of it before giving up. I plan to go back though. Big props to whomever collected all of this info.

Reading the timeline is also a good way to keep the Geek Gold Card fires burning after seeing The Avengers movie again and realizing that you will have to wait awhile before there will be a new superhero movie. This summer brings us The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises, although neither is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (Spider-Man is indeed a Marvel hero but his movies are produced by Sony, not Marvel. Batman is DC. Don’t laugh, some people don’t know that.) If you want more from Iron Man and friends, you’ll have to wait until 2013. Until then, thank you Film Buff for doing what we would not.

A Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline 2.0 | FilmBuffOnline.

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