July 15, 2012

Robert Downey Jr Surprises Kids at Comic Con (Video)


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You know who’s a good dude? Robert Downey Jr. Why do I say this? Because he made a surprise appearance at a kids’ costume costume at the San Diego Comic Con. Want proof? Check out the video below.

You may be asking: Brett. C’mon. How does this make him a good guy? He’s an actor. Isn’t it his job to do things like this? Well, yes and no. Not all actors are willing to show up at events like a children’s costume contest at Comic Con. Some actors are — hope you’re sitting down — big pains in the butt when it comes to doing PR.

The “actor pain in the butt” factor can be particularly true at a big public event like Comic Con. There’s no barrier between the actor and the fans. Who knows if someone is going to do something weird? Sure, these fans are small, except for that guy in the middle, who appears to be either a very large child or not a child at all. My point here is that Downey is mingling with the great unwashed rather directly, and seems to be enjoying himself. I think that’s to be commended.

Frankly, I think the children attending Comic Con are probably cleaner than some of older attendees. Just saying.

As a bonus, Marvel could easily drop this footage into ‘Iron Man 3‘ if they want to. Stallone did this with ‘Rocky III’; the actor was on The Muppet Show, then they used a clip in the movie. According to the Interwebs, Jim Henson recorded a new intro so Kermit said “our very special guest star — Rocky Balboa!” instead of “Sylvester Stallone”. This would be even easier. Have the kids shouting out “IRON MAN!”, people cheering when Downey Tony Stark shows up… Free idea from me to you, ‘Iron Man 3′ filmmakers. I’ll take a special thanks and perhaps a repulsor ray if you’ve got an extra one lying around.

Enough chit-chat! Here’s the video of Robert Downey Jr. at a kids’ costume contest at Comic Con. Enjoy.

via Examiner

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