August 28, 2012

Duck Fetus Eating Contest Grosses Us Out

This story about a duck fetus eating contest in Brooklyn makes us nauseous.

We were about to write “But it shouldn’t because we eat eggs so what’s the difference?”

Then we read more of the story.

A word of clarification: they don’t call this food item a “duck fetus” because odds are nobody would eat it. Well, not as many people. The word used is balut.

And now we will explain what a balut is. And why we are, in fact, grossed out by the contest, despite the fact that we eat eggs.

Via Yahoo!’s The Post Game:

Never heard of a balut? It’s a fertilized duck embryo which is about two weeks from hatching. Many times the boiled egg contains all or part of a duckling.

OK. So if you don’t read that very carefully, which is what we did (or rather didn’t) do at first, you might think, “Meh.”

Read on.

“Once you crack it open, there is basically a soup in it and you crack it open, you drink that soup and then you eat the yolk and inside you see a baby duckling,” said Maharlika executive chef Miguel Trinidad. “Sometimes you might get lucky and you might find one that has a few feathers, a little bit of a beak on it, but you do see a little embryo and that’s the part that you eat along with the yolk and the soup. And it’s a great source of protein. It’s considered an aphrodisiac. It’s supposed to give people power.”

You might get lucky? Finding feathers on your food is lucky? Are we the only ones who thinks this is, at best, ew? At worst it feels barbaric.

Dammit, Brooklyn Filipino restaurant Maharlika for having this contest. You’ve made me agree with PETA. Grrr.

Restaurant Holds Duck Fetus Eating Contest | ThePostGame.

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