September 14, 2012

Don’t Steal Anything, But Really Don’t Steal Candy From This Store

Theft is, you know, a crime. That said, I once filched a candy bar when I was a very, very young. Single digits young. My grandmother made me go back and pay for it.

If the store I swiped from had this dude on staff, I doubt I would have been so stupid.

You’ll have to go to the link to see the photo. Think Mr. T without the mohawk. Standing in front of a bunch of bins full of candy. That no one will be stealing from anymore.

EXCLUSIVE: Cobble Hill candy shop hires security guards after 40 teens storm the store stealing sweets  – NY Daily News.

via NYMag, from a nice story about a guy who submitted a cool pic to a contest Ron Howard was doing for Canon, lost the contest, but the photo got him an assignment from The New York Daily News.

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