October 7, 2012

Brett Singer Tweets for 2012-10-07

  • Brett Singer Tweets for 2012-09-30 http://t.co/HnBjmmQb #
  • Heh heh. Groin likely. Groin. #heybeavis http://t.co/WZvOIeuL #
  • “Purple man talks like Charlton Heston on cold medicine.” Hulk on #Marvel Super Hero Squad #
  • Me RT @USATODAY This year’s early spring is spreading misery to tens of millions of allergy sufferers across the U.S. http://t.co/MY0gYbEw #
  • Ok, @Alyssa_Milano just became even more awesome RT Star Trek Gangnam Style In Klingon! http://t.co/RF1ViZ6v /via @RennaEchelon #StarTrek #
  • Not Joanie! #sad Erin Moran, ‘Happy Days’ Star, Homeless After Being Kicked Out Of Trailer Park http://t.co/xnr08mzN via @HuffPostCeleb #
  • Ack RT @parenthacks: If your kid uses your Mac & boots up iMessage, can read “private” texts that used to live exclusively on your phone. #
  • More #NFL stuff that sounds like pr0n: “The proximity of the tip.” #
  • NSFW VIDEO Woman At Youth Soccer Game http://t.co/C6vEXei3 #
  • “Around here, a hero ain’t nothin’ but a sammich.” Jack Russell, a werewolf, on #Marvel #SuperHeroSquad #
  • Well of course they do. via @nytimes Swiss Cows Send Texts to Announce They’re in Heat http://t.co/WqbZ8xuZ #
  • When I unintentionally parody Weird Al lyrics it’s time for (a) a nap, (b) more coffee, (c) less coffee, (d) nuttin’. I’m good. @alyankovic #
  • Claire Danes is quite attractive. #BoldStatements #
  • Is it ok to tell an adult to use their inside voice? Because someone is being verrrrry loud. #
  • NOT over his dead body? Um… RT @edwardroussel FT for sale? “Not over my dead body” said former CEO. http://t.co/hS64w22Y #FT #
  • I showed great restraint / during last night’s debate / Tweeted not at all / even though Chris Matthews said “balls” #
  • My reaction: the foo fighters have been around for 18 years? I’m old. http://t.co/yq3AJlxr #
  • A related foo fighters story that I find amusing. A year old, but new to me. http://t.co/9ARfwoYa #
  • Apparently this is promo piece. Thing is, it’s kinda funny. Actual laughs. Advertorial that works? #headhurts http://t.co/lBs3xhT6 #

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