February 4, 2013

Ten Year Old Boy, Afraid Mom Will Hit Him (Again), Hides For Four Days

Via Kotaku, a story about a ten-year-old boy in China who spent four days at an Internet Cafe because he was afraid that if he went home his mother would hit him. Spoiler alert: they found him, he’s fine, and his mom says she won’t hit him anymore.

Why was she hitting him in the first place? Because she thought he was “addicted to video games” and his grades were less than stellar. So basically it was a case of bad parenting.

I’m unclear how a ten-year-old could spend four days in a public place and nobody called his parents. Also, the story was in the news (the article mentions that the boy read about it while he was hiding out). Wouldn’t someone have recognized him? Guess not. Happy ending though, at least as far as we know.

via Afraid of his Mom, Chinese Kid Hides at Net Cafe (Kotaku)

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