June 21, 2013

Yeah, North Isn’t That Bad A Name

I admit to only skimming this Gawker article about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby’s name, written by Tom Socca, but I agree with the premise and the parts that I read. (Sorry, I’m busy doing dad stuff.)

To sum up: North isn’t that bad a name, even if the child does use his father’s last name, which is traditional but unless the couple has told us this is the case should not be assumed. (Even though it is, because, you know, we’ve come a long way baby. Not.) If the kid does get Kanye’s surname, that would be North West. Gawker’s Tom Socca points out Ima Hogg, which is WAY worse. (One could argue that if your last name is Hogg, naming your daughter Ima is actually rather mean.)

Here’s another example. There’s a urologist named Richard Chopp, as in Dick. He specializes in vasectomies. Sells t-shirts that say “I was ‘chopped’ by the Urology Team”, according to the Internet. Still don’t believe it? Here’s another link. And a video.

Bottom line: this isn’t such a big deal. We have better things to do.

That is all.

Your Baby’s Name Is Probably Stupider Than “North West” (Gawker)

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