July 24, 2013

Captain Ultimate, New All Ages Comic

We’ve mentioned Joey Esposito here before (actually, we’ve even met him in person — nice guy). Joey is the comics editor at IGN, and also writes comics himself. His latest is Captain Ultimate, a really fun all-ages book published by MonkeyBrain Comics. Joey wrote it with fellow IGNer Benjamin Bailey. The amazing art is by Boykoesh, with eye-catching colors by Ed Ryzowski. Adam Pruett is the letterer. (Hey, Stan Lee always mentioned the letterers back in the day. Artie Simek, represent!)

Here’s the cover:

The cover of Captain Ultimate #1.

Looks like fun, right? It is. Read on for more info.

Joey told us via email that part of the inspiration for Captain Ultimate was a desire to create a comic for kids that could also be enjoyed by adults. There’s nothing wrong with “gritty” comic books, but you don’t always want your kids reading them. There’s a big gap between comics for really young readers (Owly, Captain Underpants) and, say, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns or Watchmen. Just as not every 7-year-old is ready to read Harry Potter (which gets pretty dark by the end), there aren’t a lot of choices for what we’ll call the “maturing young reader”. (We just invented that term. Let’s see if it catches on.) This comic fits that gap quite nicely.

In the interest of time (seriously, I’ve been planning to write about Captain Ultimate since it was announced at the San Diego Comic Con this past weekend), I’m going to stop here and give you a link to an interview with the creative team, along with where to buy the comic, and then write more when time permits. (A SAHD WAHD’s work is never done.)

You can check out a multi-page preview on the official Captain Ultimate blog, and buy it for just 99 cents from Comixology.

For more info, read this interview at Robot 6.