July 30, 2013

Fear Of Not Waking Up On Time

Does anyone else have this? A fear of not waking up on time? I do.

At the moment I’m setting three alarms to ensure I get the hell out of bed in time to get people ready to go where they need to go. For some reason I’ve been more neurotic about waking up this summer than I have in previous years.

(Note: this post will have multiple YouTube videos of songs that popped into my head while I was writing.)

I think part of it is that during the school year I’m in a groove, many months of a specific schedule. Then… school’s. Out. For. The summer.

(I’m in favor of year-round schooling. Don’t tell my kids.)

When summer starts, there’s a break in the action before camp.

I like summer. Except for this summer when it’s been too darn hot. I’ve mentioned the weather a couple of times, although to be fair you probably already knew.

Maybe it’s the break in the action that has made me more kooky. Maybe it’s the heat. Or maybe it’s nothing.

Here’s how deep my dopiness has become.

I set both of the alarms on a dual alarm clock.

Then I set the alarm on my iPad, which is by my bed because I’ve been using it to read comics via the Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited App. (This is wicked awesome, although I’m feeling like I should read an actual book. Maybe after I finish reading every issue of Spider-Man they have.)

The iPad alarm lets you pick a song. I use This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race by Fall Out Boy, a good choice because it starts slightly quiet and quickly builds. Also, I like the song.

Three alarms! What am I, in high school? I didn’t do this in high school. Is it age? Getting older = harder to get up? Getting older = more neurotic about not getting up on time?

I don’t oversleep. (Knock On Wood. I actually just did knock on wood.) So why am I worried I will?

Who knows. Dadding ain’t easy.

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