January 21, 2014

Bring Back The Cry Room To Movie Theaters

From Mental Floss, a trip down movie theater memory lane for some, a history lesson for others (the stuff on this list is before my time, despite what my kids may think). It’s worth reading, but I was drawn to the last item, The Cry Room:

Those elaborate movie palaces had many amenities that not every neighborhood theater had, including “cry rooms.” A cry room was a soundproofed elevated room in the back of the theater with a large glass window in front so Mama could still watch the movie (and hear it over a public address system) while trying to calm down a fussy baby. Many theatres that provided cry rooms also came equipped with electric bottle warmers, complimentary formula, and a nurse on duty.

Anyone who has ever experienced someone else’s cranky kid at the movies would likely welcome the return of The Cry Room.

Now let’s all go to the lobby!

via 11 Things We No Longer See in Movie Theaters | Mental Floss.

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