February 4, 2014

Buy Whit Honea’s Book Now

Whit Honea has a new book out called The Parents’ Phrase Book. You should go buy it now.

Why should you go buy Whit Honea’s new book? I don’t recall giving you permission to ask for a reason. But I will give you one anyway. In fact, I will give you three.

First of all, Whit is a very good writer that I’ve known/worked with/emailed for several years. Second, he wrote a book. Third, I told you to buy it.

OK, let’s replace reason number three. I bought it myself. How’s that for a recommendation? I paid my own damn money for this book, and you should do the same.

Not familiar with Whit Honea (rhymes with pony)? Check out his website, his Twitter feed, and this interview I did with him on Blog Talk Radio back when I wrote for Babble.com, as did/does Whit. (Note: this interview was a few years ago.)

Popular Parents Internet Radio with Brett Singer on BlogTalkRadio

Bottom line: I believe in supporting writerfriends. This is a word I just made up. (If Shakespeare and Sarah Palin can make up words, so can I.) Much like Mike Adamick’s Awesome Book of Awesomeness (not the actual title), which as far as I know is doing quite well, I would like to do whatever I can to help Whit sell a giant pile of books.

Here’s a link to buy Whit’s book. I did it. You can do. To paraphrase Bob Dylan, is there anything more American?

The Parents’ Phrase Book: Hundreds of Easy, Useful Phrases, Scripts, and Techniques for Every Situation

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