March 10, 2014

Kristen Bell – “You Cannot Be Stalking Six Year Olds”

Kristen Bell told a Huffington Post interviewer that children should be off-limits when it comes to celebrity photographers, or paparazzi. “You cannot be stalking six year olds,” the “Veronica Mars” star said. We agree.

Kristen Bell at the premiere of Baby Mama in N...

Apparently a photog called Bell the c-word when she didn’t roll down the window of her vehicle just before the HuffPo interview. (Pretty sure the word wasn’t “cute”.)

Ordinarily I’d be the first to say “wahh, I’m famous, wahh” but in this case I completely agree. These people are crazy. And children should absolutely be off-limits. They’re minors, they aren’t stars, and even if they are they’re still little kids. I would also like to extend this ban to include “no kids on reality TV shows“. That one is tilting at windmills, I know. But I can dream.

The thing is, there shouldn’t need to be new laws to “protect” celebrities from paparazzi. Chasing someone down the street and cursing at them, making verbal threats… this is at best inappropriate behavior, and at worst illegal. Not a capital crime. But at least a misdemeanor.

Here’s a fun idea. Arrest these nudniks. Maybe that will stop them.

Or not. I like Bell’s angle though. No unwanted pictures of kids. How can even the slimiest paparazzo argue with that?

Kristen Bell Slams The Paparazzi, Calls Them ‘Animals’ (HuffPo)

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