April 6, 2014

Return Of The Son Of Tweets We Like Today

Here are more tweets that we like. At least today. By which we mean that we will probably still like these tweets tomorrow, but tomorrow there will be even MORE tweets.

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Actually, there are 500 million tweets tweeted every day, according to this source. That’s a lot of tweeting! Who has time to read all those tweets? How many times can I use a variation of the word tweet in one post? Tweet tweet tweety tweet?

Anyway, here are a few we read today that we liked:

This one is about the autism/vaccine debate. Which really shouldn’t be a debate because of the, you know, actual facts. I understand it is an emotional issue for many people, but Jenny McCarthy simply does not know more about science than scientists. This tweet speaks for itself:

I didn’t even bother to read this article, I just liked the headline. Paying rent is one of those things that there’s no excuse for not doing. I suppose, as Steve Martin once proclaimed in a classic stand-up routine, you could use two simple words: “I forgot.” As in, “I forgot armed robbery was illegal.” But really, if you occupy a space that you don’t own, you have know that the rent is due every month. Right? Am I missing something?

Is Nick Cannon really so hateable? (By the way, that word can be spelled either “hateable” or “hatable” according to Merriam-Webster, but WordPress seems to think “hateable” is a misspelling. Misspelling has two S’s, by the way. The more you know, folks. The more you know.) Anyway, Knicks fans seem to think so, because they booed him mercilessly as he filmed a promo for America’s Got Talent at Madison Square Garden. Maybe they were mad because Nick interrupted the game? Except that the way the Knicks have been playing this season, you’d think fans would be glad for the interruption.

Finally, some NASCAR-related tweets from driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. These are actually dad-related as well, since Dale Earnhardt was one of the giants of the sport.

This one we liked because Dale Jr. (DJ? That seems so lame, let’s stick with Dale Jr.) quotes rap lyrics.

Here’s the dad-related ones. Gets me a little teary-eyed. Seriously, it does. Dead dad stuff does that to me. Same with father and son stuff.

We clicked on a lot of “related articles” because there were a lot of them regarding Jenny McCarthy, who apparently tweeted some anti-vaccine idiocy that inflamed the twittersphere. Which, for the record, is not a real word.

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