April 29, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 16GB Android Tablet $279.99 (DaddyDeal)

Humdinger of a DaddyDeal from Amazon — the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Android Tablet for just $279.99.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Android Tablet

I’m actually a bit tempted to buy this for myself. I’m primarily an Apple product user — Macbook Pro, iPad, although I refuse to get an iPhone on principle — and it would be nice to add an Android device to the mix. My phone is a Droid 4, but it’s not a snazzy as this Samsung Android Tablet. Among the differences between Samsung’s Galaxy devices and Apple’s iPads is the ability to have two windows open at once. Why Apple hasn’t snagged this for the iPad, I have no idea.

Anyway, if you’ve been thinking about an Android Tablet, this seems to be a good price. As always, caveat buyor, your mileage may vary, and don’t blame us if you buy the thing and don’t like it.

Amazon.com: Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 (16GB, Brown-Black): Computers & Accessories.

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