May 11, 2014

Smaller Raspberry Pi Has Us All Excited About Kids And Computers Again

I’ve said before that the tiny little computer called Raspberry Pi could create a generation of tinkerers. Now there’s an even SMALLER version of the Raspberry Pi.

(Note: this photo below is of the original Raspberry Pi, not the new one. But isn’t it cool looking?)

Lovely single-board computer running Linux and...

Lovely single-board computer running Linux and capable of HD video with a price-point making it very disruptive. Seen here at TransferSummit 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So how small is the new Raspberry Pi? It fits in a DIMM slot. In other words, it’s the size of a stick of RAM. Which is very much not big. It’s quite small.

English: An edited photo of 2gb of DDR2 RAM wi...

An edited photo of 2gb of DDR2 RAM with integrated heat sinks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Note: the above photo is not a picture of the new Raspberry Pi either. It’s two sticks of RAM. Just to give you an idea of how flarking small the thing is.)

I haven’t had a chance to dig deeper into this but in terms of kids and computers, this news gets me excited. We need more tinkerers, not just more content consumers. Not that there’s anything wrong with consuming content. I consume a lot of it. Often that means watching The Avengers movie. Again. But the world also needs people who want to go under the hood, figure out how things work, make them better. Make new things. Make old things do different things. Create. Code. Hack. All of that and more. I think the Raspberry Pi, with it’s super-cheap price and open-source goodness, could help.

An Even Smaller Raspberry Pi » Linux Magazine.

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