June 2, 2014

Kid Takes Grampa’s Car On Joyride, Stopped By Vigilante Truck (Video)

You know the story. You’ve heard it a thousand times. Some punk kid takes his grampa’s truck on a joyride through a crowded park, needlessly endangering the lives of dozens of people. The kid manages to avoid the police for awhile, until a vigilante truck stops him cold.

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What? You say you’ve never heard that story? Me neither. Especially not the “vigilante truck” part. That term reminds us of “Speed Buggy.” Remember that show? It was fun.

Kind of like “Scooby Doo” but the dog is a car. But I digress.

Back to the story: here’s video of the truck stopping the kid. It’s a bit intense.

Click through to Jalopnik for the whole sordid tale.

Kid Races Grampa’s Car Through A Busy Park ‘Til Vigilante Truck Rams Him (Jalopnik)

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