June 24, 2014

Forms, Forms, Everywhere The Forms

Forms, forms, and more forms. Parenting is all about the forms.

Maj. Gary Ruesch completes medical forms as hi...
Maj. Gary Ruesch completes medical forms as his patient draws. (Photo credit: Official U.S. Navy Imagery)

Not ALL. But there are a lot of forms.

(A note on the photo: isn’t it cute? It’s from here.)

School forms. Camp forms. Other forms. School and camp are the big ones. They won’t let your kid go to either place until you submit a medical form, which requires a visit to the doctor, which requires making an appointment to take your kid to the doctor. Not saying these are the hardest things a parent has to do. But it does require some scheduling.

I’m going to make a form to help parents with these forms. Sound a little meta? Perhaps. But I think it would help me, and if it helps someone else as well, that’s even better. Pay it forward and all that.

As usual, I barely have time to write this post before I need to do dad stuff. The form will come later. But I will do it. Hopefully.

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