July 23, 2014

Crown Royal Presents The John Wayne Walding 400 [DaddyTips Road Trip]

DaddyTips is pleased to announce that we will be attending the Crown Royal Presents The  John Wayne Walding 400 powered by BigMachineRecords.com at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. That’s right — Road Trip! (We get to leave the house again. We’re excited.)

DaddyTips Road Trip

So remember when we told you about the Green Beret who won Crown Royal’s “Your Hero’s Name Here” this year? His name is John Wayne Walding, and he has the honor of having a NASCAR race named after him. That’s pretty cool. He also got a really sweet guitar from Big Machine Records’ star Justin Moore.

Justin Moore and John Wayne Walding

Why are we mentioning this again? Well, because we’re going to the race. Much like last year (when hero and awesome guy Samuel Deeds was honored), we get to go and enjoy a weekend of NASCAR, live music, and who knows what else.

The “what else” part is always fun. Writers from various outlets are placed on teams, and we compete in a variety of challenges. Last year got pretty intense at times; it felt like being on “The Amazing Race”, albeit for only a couple of days, and without a camera following us around. This time teams can actually be eliminated, meaning the pressure will be on. (We don’t mean LITERALLY eliminated, merely that the team won’t continue to compete. We wouldn’t want to commit a Weird Al Word Crime.) Bottom line: we won’t simply be sitting in the suite sipping Crown Royal responsibly. We’ll be hustling around trying to find lug nuts or get an autograph from a driver or a photo with someone wearing a Crown Royal t-shirt. You’ll find out what happens when we do. Scout’s honor.

A few more points of interest:

Geek Gold Card alert: it would seem that nerdiness and NASCAR will collide at the Brickyard (aka the Indianapolis Motor Speedway) when Guardians of the Galaxy” star Chris Pratt drives the pace car for Sunday’s race. Will we get to meet him? Who knows. For the moment we’re pleased to be reminded that what was once our little geeky thing (comic books) is now big time (blockbuster movies).

Full disclosure: expenses for this trip are provided by Diageo, the parent company of Crown Royal.

Starting Friday you can follow our weekend activities on Twitter at @brettsinger, and also via the hash tags #CrownHeroes, #ReignOn, and #JWW400.

That’s the deal! More to come — photos, video, and even (hope you’re sitting down) plain text! And tweeting. Lots of tweeting.

Also, a very special thanks to Richard, who enjoyed his Father’s Day gift from Crown Royal responsibly.

See you at the race!