March 5, 2015

Why Do I Read The News?

This is a serious question. Why do I read the news? It only leads to problems.

I was looking for an image to go with this post. I decided Grumpy Cat could be fun. But that only annoyed me more.

What should I do? Ignore everything? Only read comic books? That’s not the worst idea. It is limiting, though.

I want to tell you what piece of news has me so irritated. It’s not net neutrality. I like net neutrality. The idea that flying a banner with a meme over the corporate headquarters of Comcast is somehow a good use of time and, more importantly, money, that I think is stupid. But whatever.

I am wearing my CrankyPants! And I’m not going to tell you why because, as the kids say, reasons. Mostly it has to do with not wanting to get into certain issues of a personal nature, and/or not wanting to talk about certain issues in a public forum. (Is that vague enough?)

Mostly, grah. Stupid news.

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