May 2, 2015

Even More Tweets We Like

Because Twitter never sleeps, here are even more tweets we like.

Shaq vs Oprah on Twitter

(Note: the image above is old; it’s Shaq teasing Oprah about tweeting using all caps. I still find it amusing.)

Here’s a tip from the Library of Congress about book preservation. I think it will also make for better book presentation on the shelf.

I honestly don’t know what this next tweet is about, but it appears to be about books, so let’s go with that. Books are good. Reading is fundamental, after all.

From Daily Beast writer Kate Briquelet, we get this gem about Morrissey and Madison Square Garden. Apparently there will be no meat products served at his concert because the man is a vegan. Respect for this, we have. My question: what foods will they be able to sell? It’s like The Simpsons episode where they go to the all-you-can-eat fish restaurant, and Marge asks, “what about the bread? Does that have much fish in it?” The waiter says, “Yes.” Marge replies, “I think I have some TicTacs in my purse.” The waiter: “Excellent choice.” Here’s a pic. It’s from the episode titled “New Kid on the Block“. (Note: Kate wrote a story for The Daily Beast with my favorite headline of the week — Old Man Punches Bear. I also write for The Daily Beast. That’s full disclosure, people.)

And last but not least, De La Soul’s new album completed a successful Kickstarter campaign. (Note: we backed the album, because we like De La Soul.)

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