December 8, 2015

Amazon Kindle Trade-In

Got an old Kindle, working or not? Amazon will take it. Welcome to the Amazon Kindle Trade-In.

They might only give you a few bucks for it, but Amazon will take your old Kindle off your hands and give you a credit towards a brand-new Kindle.

1st Gen Kindle Trade-in

Yes, even if you have a 1st Gen Kindle (remember when that was introduced and it was, like, all expensive and stuff?), Amazon will give you five dollars for it, working or not. Hey, it beats throwing it in a landfill, or a poke in the eye.

You get an Amazon Gift Card and a $20 bonus towards the purchase of a new Kindle. Details at the link. Limited time offer, read the fine print, do your homework, be a smart shopper, and hey — let’s be careful out there.

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