March 19, 2016

Old Spring Break Photos Make Me Feel Old

Whoo-hoo! Spring break! Party hearty! Right? Yeah, not so much anymore, at least not for me. Personally I was never a big “go nuts during spring break” guy, but I know other people are, and were.

South Beach- Spring Break

South Beach- Spring Break (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Note: I’m using the photo above because it’s free to use. I don’t know the person in the pic.)

Anyway, I was checking the weather on (as one does) and came across this photo gallery of what at first looked like really old photos. Then I realized the gallery starts in the 1980s. Then I realized that the 1980s weren’t exactly last Tuesday.

Anyway, there are 109 pics. I didn’t look at all of them, but I definitely recommend you check out at least the first few. They are VERY 80s.

Though the idea may conjure images of bikini-clad 20-somethings and beer pong contests, springtime hedonism isn’t a new thing.

Source: Wild Photos of Spring Break Partiers Through the Decades | The Weather Channel

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