About DaddyTips

What is DaddyTips?

DaddyTips is here to help you raise your kids. Well, not really. But we’ll do our best to help you get through the day by offering parenting news, opinions, and specially selected deals to help you save money. And since sometimes it’s important to waste time, we post dopey videos that we find on that YouTube thing the kids are always talking about.

We also like comic books, superheroes, superhero movies, superhero animation, et al. We also read regular books. Sometimes.

DaddyTips Editor-In-Chief is Brett Singer, a married father of two who works as a freelance writer and takes care of the kids, not necessarily in that order.

Brett Singer has written for Parents.com, Grandparents.com, ForbesWoman, AOL ParentDish, MommyPoppins, Babble, The Onion AV Club, Time Out New York Kids and other outlets. His television appearances include the Fox News Channel and CNN, as well as The People’s Court (it’s a long story).

DaddyTips has a comic strip, Fart Cop, written and drawn by Brett’s two sons.

DaddyTips was featured in Redbook Magazine in 2011 (in print and on RedbookMag.com), and on CafeMom in 2010. We were named the Website of the Day in the Danvers Herald on March 5, 2011.

Note to Publicists

DaddyTips invites guest bloggers to contribute. If you are interested, please email daddy AT daddytips DOT com. (Change the AT to @ and DOT to, well, a dot.)

DaddyTips will consider products for review, as well as other coverage. Please send any press releases to daddy AT daddytips DOT com.