Mar 15 2011

Howard Stern, George Takei Support Gilbert Gottfried

Quick update on Gilbert Gottfried and his ousting as the voice of the Aflac duck. (Or as we put it, Gilbert GotFired.) Howard Stern said on his SiriusXM radio show today that Gilbert never had a squeaky clean image, so for Aflac to can him now is stupid. That’s exactly what I said. George Takei also weighed in, according to Howard, saying that he didn’t really care about Gilbert’s jokes. (I’m paraphrasing; I’ll update if I can find the exact quote.)

If you do a Google Realtime Search for George Takei Gilbert Gottfried there are a couple of references to the above, like this tweet:

Hey if George Takei can take a joke and still follows Gilbert Gottfried …I dont see a problem #SuluRocks

Another tweeter (twitterer? Which is grammatically correct? And does it matter?) wrote:

With Gilbert Gottfried’s ouster, Aflac needs a new voice for their duck. I suggest George Takei. #NewAflacDuck

Not a bad idea, actually. The duck would have a deeper voice, though. Oh, my.