Nov 20 2015

French Father Explains Paris Attacks To Son (Video)

This video of a father talking to his son about the Paris attacks might make you cry. Me? Oh, you know. Allergies. #liar

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Oh my. The kid is adorable, and the way the father handles the situation is just wonderful. To be fair, I’m assuming that’s his father. It could be an uncle or a friend. But the tweet says father, so let’s go with that. Excuse me. I need a new box of tissues. I told you. Allergies. #liar

H/T to @thereaIbanksy and the awesomely talented actress Constance Zimmer (currently being awesome on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) who retweeted it.

May 12 2010

Dad Saves Baby From Car Crash [Real Life Superheroes]

Maybe it happened two years ago, but when a dad saves a baby from a car crash, I think that’s worth mentioning.


Aussie father [Andrew Leitch] was captured on CCTV clinging desperately to his son Haydn after taking the full impact of car smashing into him and a shop front.

In other words, he saw a car hurtling towards him while he was holding his baby, and put his body between the car and the kid. According to Asylum, he said, “I was thinking I can take the hit. I can repair, but there’s no way my son is going to repair.” Good on ya, mate. (It happened in Australia, so we can say that.)

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Shocking Car Crash Footage Shows Father Taking Full Impact to Save Baby –