Jan 07 2016

Bluetooth Pregnancy Test at CES (Why Do We Need This?)

Elle.com reports on a new Bluetooth pregnancy test from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). My question: why do we need this?

(Note: the picture below is just a public domain pic of a not-Bluetoooth pregnancy test from Wikipedia.)

English: Pregnancy Test Svenska: Ett positivt ...

English: Pregnancy Test Svenska: Ett positivt graviditetstest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the record, you have to pee on a stick, but this fancy new stick connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth.

But also! You can watch soothing videos while you wait three minutes for the results. From Elle.com:

The company released its Pregnancy PRO Digital Pregnancy Test at the Consumer Electronics Show this week. The sticks, which look just like your typical pregnancy tests, sync with a smartphone app via Bluetooth. You then urinate on the stick, as you normally would, and the app notifies you once it detects a sample. Then, a countdown clock shows three minutes until the result is ready. While you await the anxiety-ridden three minutes, you can click on “Calm Me,” “Educate Me,” or “Entertain Me” to either learn about fertility or just watch puppy videos to ease your nerves.

Oy vey. Maybe it won’t catch on.

Source: First Response Unveils Bluetooth Pregnancy Test – First Response Pregnancy PRO at CES (Elle.com)

Dec 17 2015

Understanding Snapchat

Do you have trouble understanding Snapchat? Yeah. Us too.

I’m trying to understand Snapchat. All the kids are into it, but it confuses me.

Snapchat singing thing

The latest version of Snapchat allows you to make goofy animations of your face. Here’s a video from Buzzfeed of people using… well, they’re called New Selfie Filters.

The new filters were introduced in September but I didn’t notice because I don’t use Snapchat. Mostly this is because it baffles me. That said, these animations are very easy to use and pretty funny. Think Emojis, but animated, and with your face on them. We’re all doomed, but at least we can make short video clips of ourselves puking up rainbows before the inevitable apocalypse.

Want to puke rainbows or put horns on your head? This is how to use the new Snapchat Selfie Filters.

What We’ve Figured Out So Far

First: get the latest version of the Snapchat app on your mobile device (iOS or Android).

Second: switch the camera to Selfie Mode. Usually this is a little symbol with arrows on it in the upper right corner of the screen.

Third: hold your finger over your face. Not your ACTUAL face. The image of your face on your phone or tablet. When you do this, a bunch of little images should appear at the bottom of your screen. Scroll through them until you find one that you like.

Fourth: hold down the red Record button and make your video.

Fifth: send it to someone.

Having trouble? Leave a comment and we’ll try to help. Don’t be embarrassed; it took us way longer to figure out than it should have. But that’s OK. We’re good enough, we’re smart enough, and doggone it, people like us.

Dec 16 2012

DaddyDeal: Free Peekaboo Presents iPad App Today Only (December 16)

Another app DaddyDeal for you from Night & Day Studios. This time you can download Peekaboo Presents for the iPad for free today only, December 16, 2012.

Peekaboo Presents iPad App

The app normally sells for $1.99. So hurry up and get it now while it’s free! Because free is good. Everybody likes free. Remember that it’s only free today, December 16, 2012. Otherwise it costs money. In case we didn’t already make that clear.

Get  Peekaboo Presents on the iTunes App Store.

Dec 14 2012

DaddyDeal: Free Tom and Jerry iPad App Today Only (December 14)

Nice DaddyDeal for you – Night & Day Studios is offering their iPad app Tom and Jerry: Stickers With Sounds for free today only, December 14, 2012.

Tom and Jerry iPad App

The app normally sells for $4.99. So hurry up and get it now while it’s free! Because free is good. Everybody likes free. Remember that it’s only free today, December 14, 2012. Otherwise it costs money. In case we didn’t already make that clear.

Get  Tom and Jerry: Stickers With Sounds on the iTunes App Store.

May 06 2011

Author Interview: Donna Guthrie

Donna Guthrie

Donna Guthrie has written several children’s book, including Mrs. Gigglebelly Is Coming for Tea, which was first published in 1990. Just in time for Mother’s Day, Gigglebelly is giggling into the digital age — the book is now an app for the iPhone or iPad for only 99 cents. Read more »