Feb 10 2014

Tim Armstrong Distressed Baby Parent Speaks Out (A-O-HELL-No)

The parent of a “distressed baby” that AOL’s Tim Armstrong blamed for cutting employee benefits is speaking out.

The second logo for AOL, used from 2006–2009

Here’s a link to an article Deanna Fei wrote for Slate.com’s DoubleX. The title?

“My Baby and AOL’s Bottom Line”


“That ‘distressed baby’ who Tim Armstrong blamed for benefit cuts? She’s my daughter.”

An article on Gawker’s ValleyWag by Nitasha Tiku makes the claim that the AOL CEO “has a history of targeting pregnant employees,” citing specific examples of past behavior, including a lawsuit dating to Tim’s time at Google. If you want to get really nauseous, read some of the comments.

Tim apologized. A couple of times. Doesn’t seem to be helping.

Bottom line? Smooth move, Tim. Stay classy.

Tim Armstrong blames “distressed babies” for AOL benefit cuts. He’s talking about my daughter. (via Slate DoubleX)

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Sep 17 2013

What Does It Cost To Raise A Baby? (Links)

 Worthington Super Links

Baby, You’re Expensive! – Redfin Real Estate Blog.

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Feb 08 2013

The Only Baby Dancing Gangham Style Video You Need

Apparently videos of babies dancing to Korean pop star Psy’s “Gangham Style” are a thing. A meme, as the kids call it. But this is the only video of a baby dancing to Gangham Style you will ever need to see.

Right? How cute is that? You’re welcome.

My little girl Amaya peacefully sleeping…until her favorite song comes on! ORIGINAL – YouTube.

Sep 22 2012

Babies Gangnam Style (Video Link)

Here’s a link to some videos of babies whoopin’ it up Gangnam Style, via our pal Jeanne Sager at CafeMom. Warning: contains much cuteness.

5 ‘Gangnam Style’ Babies With Some Sweet Moves (VIDEOS) | The Stir.

Sep 22 2009

Petit Bateau Discount Code

Here’s how to make your wife happy:

“Honey! Look what I found! A discount code for Petit Bateau! 10% off! Isn’t that great?”

After she picks herself up off the floor, she will say, “But dear. I had no idea that you knew what Petit Bateau was.”

You will smile at her and say, “But honey. Of course I do. They have wonderful baby clothes. And look — 25% off our first order!”

Your wife will be filled with nachas. Life will be good.

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May 06 2009

Nobody Is Cute at 3AM

Scene: Two parents talking in an elevator. Read more »

Apr 24 2009

CEO Baby Swaddle

I don’t usually post cute baby crap, but this one is amusing. It’s a swaddle with a tie on it. Read more »