Jul 23 2013

The Play Doh Royal Baby And Family

You may have heard something about the royal baby. But have you seen the royal baby and family rendered in Play-Doh? You’re about to.

Play-Doh Royal Baby and Family

What’s that you say? You haven’t heard anything about this? Are you sure? It kind of took over all forms of media, social and traditional. Son of Catherine (aka Kate Middleton), Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William? Grandson of Queen Elizabeth II? Future King of England? Not ringing any bells?

OK, I had to look up everybody’s names on CNN because I’m not a big royal watcher. But I’m not a royal hater either. The truth is that people seem to be genuinely interested in the royal bambino, just as they were with the royal wedding. (Sorry, I should probably say Royal Wedding.) I don’t begrudge people their distractions. (Avengers movie, cough cough.)

Whatever your opinion on all things royalty, I think we can all agree that the Play-Doh Royal Family is an impressive piece of work. According to information we received, it was made entirely from Play-Doh, using over 30 cans of the stuff, and took over five hours. (That sounds pretty fast to me, actually.)

Photo courtesy of the good folks from Play-Doh.

Jul 16 2013

Smart Diaper With QR code?

CNET via CBS News has a story about a Smart Diaper with a QR code parents can scan when their little ones go wee-wee.


So that parents can “track changes in a baby’s urine, potentially showing signs of a urinary tract infection, prolonged dehydration, or risk for kidney problems,” according to the CNET/CBS article.

At the moment the Smart Diaper is only a dream; funds are being raised via IndieGoGo. The company behind this potential pee capturing data device is Pixie Scientific. This is an actual quote from their web site:

360 million diapers are changed every day
None of this health information has been used
Until Smart Diapers

They made the the words “smart diapers” blue, not us.

There’s a video. Watch if you dare.

‘Smart Diaper’ with QR code may track tots’ health | Crave – CNET.

Jul 15 2013

New Language Began With Baby-Talk

Here is a fascinating article in The New York Times about a new language, Light Warlpiri, which is spoken by a relatively small group of Australian Aboriginal people. Everyone who speaks it is younger than 35 years old. And it began with baby-talk.

From the Times:

There are many dying languages in the world. But at least one has recently been born, created by children living in a remote village in northern Australia.
Carmel O’Shannessy, a linguist at the University of Michigan, has been studying the young people’s speech for more than a decade and has concluded that they speak neither a dialect nor the mixture of languages called a creole, but a new language with unique grammatical rules.

Here is a video, “Monster Story in Light Warlpiri Child39”, from Dr. Carmel O’Shannessy’s YouTube account.

So what’s this about baby-talk? Again, from the Times: Read more »

Apr 15 2013

Baby And French Bulldog Puppies Pics (Links)

Buzzfeed was kind enough to post these pics of a baby hanging out with a bunch of French Bulldog puppies. We’ll just give you the link.

Whatever badness is currently happening in your life or the world, these 11 pics are a welcome respite from that.

11 Incredibly Important Photos Of A Baby Covered In French Bulldog Puppies (Buzzfeed)

Feb 08 2013

The Only Baby Dancing Gangham Style Video You Need

Apparently videos of babies dancing to Korean pop star Psy’s “Gangham Style” are a thing. A meme, as the kids call it. But this is the only video of a baby dancing to Gangham Style you will ever need to see.

Right? How cute is that? You’re welcome.

My little girl Amaya peacefully sleeping…until her favorite song comes on! ORIGINAL – YouTube.

Apr 09 2009

Why Are People So Afraid Of Childbirth?

A recent viral video reminded me of something that I’ve been saying for awhile now: what is it about birth that freaks people out so much?

Welcome to the world, kid

Welcome to the world, kid

I must be missing something. What’s the big deal? It’s just a baby. Sure, they look kinda slimy and blue when they first come out. But that stuff washes off. (I’m actually very glad that I was told about the blue part. Otherwise I might have thought that my wife had cheated on me with E.T.) Read more »