Jun 17 2015

Childhood Obesity Meets Bad Parenting

What happens when childhood obesity meets bad parenting? You get overweight kids. And at least one bummed out blogger. (That would be me.)

Fat Boys on Vinyl

Check out the lede from this New York Times story:

Not only was the 16-year-old boy 60 pounds overweight, but a blood test showed he might have fatty liver disease. At last, his mother took him to a pediatric weight management clinic in New Haven. But she did not at all like the dietitian’s advice.
“I can’t believe you’re telling me I can’t buy Chips Ahoy! cookies,” said the mother, herself a nurse.

You “can’t believe” it? Lady, according to this story, your kid might have liver disease. And your response is that you “can’t believe” the dietitian is telling you that perhaps the cause is cookie-related? Read more »

Sep 21 2013

Kids Trash Former NFL Player’s Home, Parents Defend Them

This is why I need to find a new Internet. One that doesn’t have stories like this.

What the hell, parents? Your kids pull this crap, take pictures, post them online, and then you defend their behavior? This is indicative of a very real problem: parents who don’t discipline their kids, and allow them to behave like jerks. If this news report is accurate (that’s a disclaimer in case it isn’t, but there are, you know, PHOTOS), the parents should pay a fine and perhaps go to jail if the law allows for such a penalty.

If you feel like getting more irritated, read the comments. Some morons are actually mad at Brian Holloway, the NFL player in question, for posting photos that WERE ALREADY POSTED ONLINE BY THE KIDS WHO BROKE INTO HIS HOUSE. Allegedly. In case the report is wrong.

Either way, I have noticed a lot of “my son/daughter would never do that” when in fact said son or daughter did in fact do that in front of dozens of witnesses. Or perhaps they posted a picture on the Internet of said action. You defend your children against bullies, stand up for their rights, love them unconditionally. You do not defend offensive behavior and make excuses.

Grrrr. And people wonder why I’ve seen the Avengers movie 12 times. Beats reading the news.

Teens trash home of ex-NFL player, teens parents threaten player (CBS Sports)

HelpMeSave300.com (website set up by Brian Holloway)

Aug 12 2013

Print This Out If The Kids Won’t Behave


Time Magazine Cover - The Childfree Life

The Childfree Life – TIME.

Feb 04 2013

Ten Year Old Boy, Afraid Mom Will Hit Him (Again), Hides For Four Days

Via Kotaku, a story about a ten-year-old boy in China who spent four days at an Internet Cafe because he was afraid that if he went home his mother would hit him. Spoiler alert: they found him, he’s fine, and his mom says she won’t hit him anymore.

Why was she hitting him in the first place? Because she thought he was “addicted to video games” and his grades were less than stellar. So basically it was a case of bad parenting.

I’m unclear how a ten-year-old could spend four days in a public place and nobody called his parents. Also, the story was in the news (the article mentions that the boy read about it while he was hiding out). Wouldn’t someone have recognized him? Guess not. Happy ending though, at least as far as we know.

via Afraid of his Mom, Chinese Kid Hides at Net Cafe (Kotaku)

Nov 17 2009

Estranged Father Upset To Find Out His Daughter Was a Hooker

This sounds like an Onion headline, but it’s not. 34-year-old Dr Brooke Magnanti announced that she was the blogger Belle de Jour, and now her estranged father is upset to find out that his daughter was a hooker.

I hadn’t heard about this, but it appears that Dr. Magnanti was living the life of a prostitute in order to pay for her education. I guess it worked; she’s a doctor now. The blog became a book, Belle de Jour: Diary of an Unlikely Call Girl, which probably made her a few bucks as well. Her father, Paul Magnanti, told London’s Daily Telegraph the following: “It’s broken my heart. No parent wants to hear that. I was very proud when she got her PhD. She is a very intelligent girl and I wish she had become well-known under different circumstances. I would rather things had worked out differently but it’s her life to live. I can’t say I feel guilty. I know she makes her own choices, she is an independent person.”

Glad he doesn’t feel guilty.

But there’s more.

“We always worked and provided a good home for her. We never beat her, never argued in front of her, we didn’t get divorced until after she had graduated high school. I think we were good parents. We gave her a good education and sent her to private schools, to strict Catholic schools. But she didn’t consider herself a Catholic – she was too independent to follow the church. Throughout high school she had a normal behaviour – it’s not like she had a different boy each week. If she had a boyfriend she would often bring him to the house and I would get to meet him. They were respectful and nice.” (emphasis added)

So it was her fault. Too damn independent. Slut.

Or we could let Chris Rock say it.


In addition, daddy Magnanti has a few flaws of his own. He is estranged from his daughter after a “drug problem” that he told the Telegraph is no longer an issue. You know what we say to that?


But the real kicker is this. Paul Magnanti slept with 150 prostitutes, according to the Telegraph. He blames drugs and the fact that he was “upset” after his divorce. “After Brooke left high school and went to college, her mother and I got a divorce, which was very upsetting to me. At that point I started to see prostitutes. There were a few that I befriended and two that I had a relationship with who even moved in with me briefly. I tried to get them to stop using drugs and stop working as prostitutes. Drugs and prostitutes go hand in hand in most cases, though apparently in my daughter’s case it was quite the opposite, thankfully.”

Glad to hear that he’s so concerned with his daughter’s welfare now. And I’m not saying that he should feel like it’s all his fault. But sleeping with 150 prostitutes isn’t what you do when you’re upset after a divorce. Once or twice, OK. 150 times means you really like whores. You don’t get to wag your finger and claim that your daughter isn’t a “good Christian” after sleeping with 150 hookers.

What a shithead.

By the way, there is also the Belle de Jour movie, which stars Catherine Deneuve in her prime. Has nothing to do with this story, except that the movie is also about a hooker. Sorry, lady of the evening.

Jul 24 2008

David Hasselhoff Drunk Video (full 6-minute version)

[youtube:http://youtube.com/watch?v=QH3JAp7vMuo 285 247]

Oh, the shitty parenting that goes on here.