Apr 22 2009

Stan Van Gundy and Ron Jeremy Separated at Birth?

Let’s compare.

One is an NBA coach who has been taking crap from his bench players.

The other is a porn star whose nickname is “the hedgehog.” I think because he’s hairy and not very attractive. Read more »

Apr 08 2009

DadNews Daily – Darth Murdoch Strikes Again

See? Sometimes we know what we’re talking about. As we often say to our children, sometimes you should give us the benefit of the doubt.

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Nov 24 2008

Michael Jordan Shatters Backboard – Rare Video

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=te-8MJ84834 285 247]

He was so much fun to watch. Nobody like him, before or since.

Jul 25 2008

Dad or husband? Grant Hill and Tamia

His wife or his daughter?One of the laddie mags, I think it was Stuff, used to do a “Dad or date” piece every month (maybe they still do but I don’t feel like checking right now.)

Here’s a mini version from Newsday.

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