May 09 2012

Bear Charges Into New Jersey Elementary School (Video)

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And now, here is video of a bear charging into an elementary school in New Jersey.

Quote of the moment from Ogdensburg Elementary School custodian Earl Hornyak, who chased the bear cub through the halls before it chowed down on some math books — “Then I see a bear, running down the hallway…”

Those amazing animals. All they want is an education.

Seriously though, this would be pretty freaky, right? A bear in your kids’ elementary school? And how not fun would it be to be the administrator who has to field calls from parents? Oy + vey = this.

Then again, maybe this isn’t an unusual event. According to the CBS News report, Ogdensburg is in “bear country” and the kids are taught how to handle the furry creatures; they even carry “bear horns.” A commenter on YouTube wrote, “I’m from Ogdensburg and don’t know anyone who carries a bear horn… lol just saying.” So who knows. Still, the community is clearly bear aware.

For some reason I find it amusing that the bear cub ate math books. I think this is a sign that I’m immature.

Glad everyone is OK. via TheBlaze via WCBS-TV New York