Sep 15 2013

Joe Flacco Should Play Today (UPDATED)

Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco’s wife gave birth this morning. Congratulations! For the record, it is totally okay with me if he plays football today.
Not that anyone has asked me. But I wanted to let y’all know my opinion anyway.
Thank you. That is all.

Updated September 17, 2013: Flacco played. As far as I can tell, nobody got upset. “As far as I can tell” in this case means I haven’t seen any blog posts about Joe Flacco playing football on the day his son was born. I also haven’t looked.

Apr 09 2009

Why Are People So Afraid Of Childbirth?

A recent viral video reminded me of something that I’ve been saying for awhile now: what is it about birth that freaks people out so much?

Welcome to the world, kid

Welcome to the world, kid

I must be missing something. What’s the big deal? It’s just a baby. Sure, they look kinda slimy and blue when they first come out. But that stuff washes off. (I’m actually very glad that I was told about the blue part. Otherwise I might have thought that my wife had cheated on me with E.T.) Read more »

Jul 07 2008

Reading is fundamental

Here’s what my allergy-filled eyeballs are looking at today:
* Thanks to Think Mama Think for linking to my Strollerderby post about Orgasmic Birth, specifically the video featuring men and women getting realllly excited during delivery.
* Wired tells us why we laugh (me, it’s because I’m watching old George Carlin videos.)
* If I ever get famous, I’ll be very happy I’m an only child.
* Ah, guys. (Originally found on Yahoo Shine.)