Aug 23 2012

Tip: Give Your Seat To A Pregnant Woman

When I used to ride the subway on a daily basis, I often saw people not give their seat to a pregnant woman. I thought that perhaps things had changed.

I’m so naive.

Guys, gals, humans of all ages. Here’s the deal. If you are on a subway or bus and are sitting down, and if you are capable of standing, and you see a pregnant woman, give her your seat. Just do it. Don’t think about it. Just get up and let her sit down. OK?

Pregnant and Commuting to Manhattan? Good Luck Getting a Seat (

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Jun 07 2011

How To Embarrass Your Kid

DaddyTips Featured Video

Have you run out of ways to embarrass your kid? Try wearing a different costume every single day as you wave to their school bus. Every. Single. Day.

Oh! And make sure to blog about it. Then they’ll be really mortified.

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Jul 07 2008

Reading is fundamental

Here’s what my allergy-filled eyeballs are looking at today:
* Thanks to Think Mama Think for linking to my Strollerderby post about Orgasmic Birth, specifically the video featuring men and women getting realllly excited during delivery.
* Wired tells us why we laugh (me, it’s because I’m watching old George Carlin videos.)
* If I ever get famous, I’ll be very happy I’m an only child.
* Ah, guys. (Originally found on Yahoo Shine.)