Jul 29 2009

DadNews Daily – Then and Now Edition

That Was Then, This is Now

A guy in Florida was fired from his job as town manager of Fort Myers Beach because his wife is a porn star. No kidding. Amazingly, this sort of thing has happened before. Nerve’s Scanner blog links to the tale of a woman who used to be “Miss Nude Belgium” (that might be bullshit, says Nerve) who was canned from her job as a bus driver due to her nekkid past. Shit, I would think that would be the reason to hire her. (TampaBay.com, Nerve.com)

This next one is way more gross. “Waiter, there’s a condom in my soup.” Not a joke. It happened.”Zdenek Philip Hodousek, 50, of Mission Viejo [California], claims in his Orange County Superior Court suit against Claim Jumper that the restaurant was negligent in making his soup April 12, The Orange County Register reported.” The alleged “negligence” is a condom the guy found in his soup. It was tied off, the way people do when they’re, you know, done using it. For sex. EWWW!  Claim Jumper is a chain restaurant. A current promotion is called “Claim Your Reward!” Um, no thanks.

But! This has happened before. (EWWWWW!!!!) In 2004, “Seafood restaurant chain McCormick & Schmick’s…settled a lawsuit brought by a California woman who said she suffered severe emotional distress after she discovered a condom in her clam chowder, a company spokesman said.” How does something like that happen once, much less twice? (Times Of The Internet via Robin’s News on the Howard Stern Show, CNN)

Bonus: what else is going on at Claim Jumper restaurants?

Well, here’s some random person who decided to try out their new iPhone 3GS by filming stuff in the bathroom of a Claim Jumper restaurant!

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And this video is titled “Bowling For Soup – Condoms.” I can’t listen to it now because there are young ears in the room. But the title is too good to ignore.

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Image: Amazon