Jul 08 2012

Brett Singer Tweets for 2012-07-08

This week is Brett Singer Tweets — Rupert Murdoch says whatever the heck he wants to say on Twitter, even if it is about the highly litigious Scientology. Also — celebrities who claim not to own a television (the 80-inch plasma “computer monitor” doesn’t count I suppose), I love me some Cajun music (via rdio), and I make a typo while attempting to make a joke about… a typo! That’s so meta it’s meta. Avanti!

Apr 08 2012

Brett Singer Tweets for 2012-04-08

This week in Brett Singer Tweets—my interview with Dee Snider appears on Snakkle, Kentucky fans overdo it, and I stumble across a video featuring both Henry Winkler and Lee Majors. The Fonz and The Six Million Dollar Man. Are you listening, Hollywood? Read more »

Jan 29 2012

Brett Singer Tweets for 2012-01-29

Brett Singer Tweets for 2012-01-22 http://t.co/dL7qH4OG #

This week in Brett Singer Tweets: lots of writing about the NFL — anyone else think the playoff games this year were uniformly excellent? — plus I get a response from alleged Megaupload crook Kim Dotcom, allegedly. Before you say “huh?”, let me explain. Kim Dotcom is the head of Megaupload and was arrested. He is allegedly guilty. I received a reply via Twitter from someone who is allegedly the real Kim Dotcom. I’m skeptical. So now you know.

Read on. And be nice to someone today. It’s never a bad thing.
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