Sep 09 2012

Brett Singer Tweets for 2012-09-09

Sep 02 2012

Brett Singer Tweets for 2012-09-02

Aug 26 2012

Brett Singer Tweets for 2012-08-26

Aug 19 2012

Brett Singer Tweets for 2012-08-19

This week is Brett Singer Tweets — I share a video of me, Brett Singer, playing guitar with Ace Frehley, discover that there are only six people in space right now (that we know about…), and utter the soon-to-be immortal words, “You can’t judge a crook by his mother.” Jeanne Sager finds me amusing and retweeted my words, which was nice and also makes me feel less like I’m yakking into a void. Avanti!

Aug 12 2012

Brett Singer Tweets for 2012-08-12

This week is Brett Singer Tweets — lines from my upcoming unerotic novel “One Shade of Grey”, I point out my sadness at not seeing The B-52’s perform live, and I discover that there is in fact a baseball team called The Isotopes, just like on The Simpsons. What a world we live in. Avanti! Read more »

Aug 05 2012

Brett Singer Tweets for 2012-08-05

This week is Brett Singer Tweets — an Olympic commentator points out that Jordyn Wieber is “physically fit,” which was good because surely everyone watching was thinking, “Gosh, I wonder if you have to be in good physical condition to be an Olympic gymnast?” Plus! New York Jets receiver Santonio Holmes gets advice from former Jet Keyshawn Johnson, causing Jets fans to become even more depressed. Also, there were a LOT of people at BlogHer. Really. I saw pictures. Read on, gentle reader. Is that redundant? Whatever. Avanti! Read more »

Jul 29 2012

Brett Singer Tweets for 2012-07-29

This week is Brett Singer Tweets, it wasn’t all sports, but it was a lot of sports. Examples: radio great Max Kellerman speaks truth about Joe Paterno before everybody else does. Yankees GM Brian Cashman calls Ichiro the “reincarnation of Brett Gardner” and I feel the need to point out that Gardner isn’t dead because we Bretts need to stick together. And finally, Michael Vick “sees a potential dynasty in Philly,” which made me wonder if perhaps he meant that he saw an episode of the television show “Dynasty” while in Philly. Football does feature shoulderpads, as did “Dynasty.” Honestly, that explanation makes more sense than Vick thinking that the Eagles are a “potential dynasty” when they haven’t won a championship yet. Although I suppose he did say “potential.” Which leaves the door wide open. Avanti! Read more »