Dec 16 2014

DaddyTips Comment 12-16-14 (Video)

Here it is, DaddyTips second semi-daily video commentary. On this day, 12-16-14, we talk about Hobbits and Hanukkah.

DaddyTips Featured Video

By the way, for those playing along at home — we shaved!

Thanks for watching. Once again, please let us know what you think, publicly or even privately if you prefer.

DaddyTips Comment, 12-16-14 from Brett Singer on Vimeo.

Here are the links mentioned in the video.

Xmas in Frisco, the terrific Internet Radio station that has been playing Electric Menorah songs during Chanukah for the past… 10 years? Is that possible? I think it’s been 10 years. Many thanks to them. Note: the station is not safe for work listening (depending upon where you work, of course) because sometimes they play songs with dirty words in them.  Anyway, here’s the link: (They have other good stations as well, but this is the only one that plays our music.)

The Hobbit: Book and Film Differences is a really great blog that delivers exactly what the title describes – the differences between The Hobbit films and The Hobbit book. Note that I said “films” and “book”. There’s only one book but there are three films. Have I mentioned that? I’ve actually really enjoyed reading this site, written by someone who goes by the handle Quoggy. Well worth checking out if you have even a passing interest in the subject matter. Here’s the link:

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Happy Hobbit Hanukkah!

Nov 27 2013

New Essential James Taylor CD – Great Thanksgivukkah Gift

This new James Taylor double CD set is a great Chanukah / Thanksgivukkah gift. Or a gift for one of those other holidays. Christmas, I think they call it? It doesn’t get much attention from the media but I think it’s still sort of a big deal to a few people. You know. Like hockey.

Full disclosure: DaddyTips received a review copy of the new double CD, The Essential James Taylor. That said, receiving the press release announcing the new collection caused us to go on a bit of a JT shopping spree. Seriously. We took a picture. Look.

James Taylor CDs

What can we say? We like James Taylor.

As for the item in question, it happens to be a great collection of JT’s music.

Even if you already own copies of “Never Die Young”, et al, you could do worse than to pop in this well-selected collection of great songs. As for gift giving, get “The Essential James Taylor” is a perfect fit for anyone on your list. (We’re assuming your list consists of people who like great music.)

Some reviewers on Amazon take issue with the “Essential” title, saying that they would have preferred one song over another. This is one of those dopey arguments that occurs with any collection from any musical artist. I happen to have a soft spot for “New Moon Shine“. Was I bothered by the fact that “Essential” doesn’t include the song The Frozen Man?
Lord have mercy, of course not. (See what I did there? If not,  Frozen happens to be a tune that I particularly love; I have fond memories of seeing JT do it live when he was on tour after “New Moon Shine” came out.

But once you start down that road, the one marked “Why Didn’t They Put (Fill In Song Title Here) On This 2 CD Set?”, you’ve kind of gone off the rails.

Bottom line: After listening to both discs, all I can say is that there isn’t a single bad track. How often can you say that about any collection of music?

Buy The Essential James Taylor at

Dec 25 2010

Should True Christians Ditch The Tree?

First of all, Merry Christmas.

I say that as someone who does not, in fact, celebrate Christmas, at least not religiously. I have never been to Midnight Mass. I did, however, believe in Santa Claus until I was six years old, despite being Jewish.

Which brings me to this well-written opinion piece in the Green Bay Press Gazette: First Amendment column: Separate sacred, secular to end Christmas wars. Read the whole thing, it’s worth it.

Part of the essay points out that the “War on Christmas” is a load of crap. Here’s a key sentence for those who prefer to peruse:

So, why would faithful Christians insist on labeling the annual national blowout “Christmas”? Calling it “holiday” (though it’s clearly no “holy day”) doesn’t take Christ out of Christmas — it could help give Christ back to Christians.

See, shopping and trees have nothing to do with religion. They don’t. Really. Santa Claus isn’t in the Bible. “As Jon Stewart quipped, the bearded guy they’re defending is the wrong bearded guy.”

I enjoy Christmas — the parts that have nothing to do Christ. No offense meant, I respect all religions (I really do — ask me sometime). I happen not to be a Church-goer, so it’s not my thing. But Christmas trees? Sure. Christmas music? Love it. And I’m fine with anyone who wants to go to Church and also have a tree. But when someone starts with the “War on Christmas” garbage, it makes me nuts. How many businesses are closed on Hanukkah by government mandate? How many? Hm? Oh. That’s right. NONE. And how many Hanukkah specials are there on TV? Um… can’t think of any. So let’s be clear — there is no War on Christmas. At all.

There’s nothing wrong with believing in Jesus. There’s also nothing wrong with NOT believing in Jesus. (Ouch! Lightning bolt! Stop that!) There is something wrong with pretending that shopping is a religious experience. So let’s keep the peace on Earth, good will towards men, heck, keep Santa Claus. Just don’t try to tell me that Jolly Old Saint Nick is one of the Apostles. Because he’s not.

To sum up: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and read Charles C. Haynes essay.

First Amendment column: Separate sacred, secular to end Christmas wars [Green Bay Press Gazette]

Dec 16 2010

Sling Shot Under Five Bucks [DaddyShop]

Looking for something to get the kids for Christmas that will drive your wife nuts? How about this sling shot for under five bucks?

The SE Wrist-Sling Shot is currently selling for $4.90 at Amazon. Gina Trapani at Smarterware suggests pairing it with some plush Angry Birds. Which we admit sounds like fun. But, you know. Rocks. Those are fun too. But don’t tell mom.

SE Wrist-Sling Shot, $4.90 at Amazon