Aug 23 2013

Honey-Can-Do Laundry For Dummies?

I don’t know about this. It… troubles me.

If it were only “laundry for dummies” I don’t think I would have noticed. But the “Honey-Can-Do” part makes me wonder if this is a “men are soooo stupid, so let’s help them learn how to wash clothes. Ha ha!”

Not that men being crappy at clothes washing is an impossibility. Although it is also possible for women to be bad at laundry. Gender does not determine laundry prowess.

Mostly I think my feeling can be summed up by saying “feh.” Moving on.

Jun 19 2012

Shorts For Men Someone Thinks Are Cool

I like Complex Magazine’s website, which I discovered when I met Justin Korkidis at the Crown Royal sponsored DaddyTips Road Trips. Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is that has a list of what they call The 20 Coolest Shorts For Men. In theory this could be a dual usage of the word cool — both the opposite of warm, and the James Dean version.


As for the shorts, they look pretty nice. Fashion isn’t my thing, and I’m color-blind. I guess what I’m saying is that I’m only providing this link to a slideshow of shorts. You should trust your own judgment about their coolness.

The 20 Coolest Shorts For Men | Complex

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Aug 22 2011

Tip: Get Good Socks [DaddyTips]


Today’s DaddyTip — get good socks. Having good socks may not sound like it has anything to do with parenting. But it does. Read more »