Nov 07 2011

G-Man Half Price at Thwipster [DaddyDeals]

G-Man Half Price at Thwipster

Have we got a DaddyDeal for you! OK, it’s Thwipster who has the deal — G-Man by Chris Giarrusso for half the regular price. But we’re telling you about it. So we’re cool too.

Here’s the deal: Read more »

Oct 19 2011

New York Comic Con Was Fun

Ultraman Action Figure

If you were wondering where the new DaddyTips posts have been, the answer is that I’ve been busy being a dad. And working. And going to the New York Comic Con. Which was fun. Read more »

Oct 02 2011

NY Comic Con Photos 2010

Mario And Others NY ComicCon 2010

With the 2011 New York Comic Con almost upon us, I realized that I had pics from 2010 that I hadn’t shared. So here are some amusing photos from the 2010 New York Comic Con. Yoshis, Galactus and Archie — oh my! Read more »

Jul 21 2011

Hugh Jackman at Comic Con Video

X-Men Origins: Wolverine DVD

Hugh Jackman showed up at Comic Con to talk about “Real Steel” and “Wolverine 2″. Here’s the video. Read more »

Jul 22 2009

DaddyTips Show and Tell for July 22, 2009

Darth Vader meets Hello Kitty

  • The New York Times shows us what was happening in 1969 — Joe Namath, Led Zeppelin I, and other things that are cooler than what happened this year. (
  • Darth Vader meets Hello Kitty. Hello Vader? (Zombie Panda)
  • Kirk Hammett stinks at Guitar Hero. He’s the lead guitarist for Metallica. Funny. (Onion AV Club)